In early 2022, Marriott Bonvoy launched the 30 Stays, 300 Days contest to find 3 TikTok Correspondents to travel the world on us. Each winner will create TikToks of their travels for our social channels, specifically TikTok. Directed these promotional TikToks and the 30 Stays, 300 Days series.


Announcement of the Contest

Video Editing / Logo: A. Digiondomenico

Last Chance to Apply

Video Editing: A. Defrin

Thank You for Applying

Video Editing: A. Defrin

Announcement of the Three 30 Stays, 300 Days Winners, Video Editing: A. Defrin

Our 3 Winners: Dani Morin, Jane Stewart, and Kristopher Anderson

30 STAYS, 300 DAYS TIKTOK VIDEO SERIES: Introduction of winners

Meet Dani Morin

Meet Jane Stewart

Meet Kristopher Anderson

Packing videos for first trip

Our 30 Stays, 300 Days TikTok Correspondents Begin Their Trips Around the World (San Francisco, Vancouver, and London)

Dani visits San Francisco and stays at the Marriott Marquis Hotel.

24 Hours in San Francisco

Jane visits Vancouver and stays at Delta Hotel Downtown Vancouver.

Touring Around Vancouver

Kristopher visits London and stays at the London Edition Hotel.

Kristopher visits local barbershop in London

Design Materials


Y. Kim

Y. Kim

Gift Styling: Rebecca Hart

Y. Kim

E. Darvick

E. Darvick

E. Darvick